Monday, May 9, 2011

Foliage Color- 'Woodside' Columbines

This spring, I've also been keeping an eye on color and texture outside of the PSP.
'Woodside Purple' columbines have become one of my favorites.  The color has been remarkably stable through several generations, they are exceptionally hardy and long lived.  Above all, the spring foliage is amazing.  I would call it a glowing chartreuse.  The color lasts until summer, slowly turning a darker green.  Some plants even have foliage that is gold spotted green.

Above, self seeded among a patch of daylilies.  In the background is a variegated weigelia.
Above, closer of the foliage,
Above, close up the flowers.  The color is actually more purple than blue. 

Right now I have seedlings coming up everywhere.  The plants can be moved with no ill effect and they make seed like crazy.  I'm hoping to collect enough seed to share later this summer.

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  1. They're beautiful! I have one poor sickly columbine that I recently moved from its place in the midst of my ferns. I hope it does better in its new location.