Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14 in the Garden

Another gloomy day, and the long range forecast shows ten more.  The only upside is that this is perfect weather for peas and the greens.  I'm determined to get my petunia seedlings in the ground tomorrow and hopefully my early tomatoes.  Night temps are supposed to be above 50 degrees, so I'm going to risk it.  I'm holding off on sowing any beans as I'm afraid that they will rot with this cool damp weather.
Above, a view of the PSP.  The peas are growing fast as is the lettuce and cabbage.
Above, The lettuce have had the outer leaves picked after this pic was taken, but they still look attractive.  Notice how red the 'Galactic' lettuce is compared to 'Ruby', if the texture and taste are good this will be added to the my ever growing list of standards.
Above, the green cabbages are really taking off.  I hope the red cabbage catches up soon.  The 'Australian Yellow' lettuce is also growing fast, this was picked after the pic was taken.  'Loolo di Vino' lettuce on the far right is making a great edging.  The spinach and arugula to the left are growing very slowly.  In fact the arugula is starting to bolt without sizing up much at all.
Above, this section should be filled with carrots and beets that were sowed over a month ago.  The carrots are slowly starting to grow, but the beets are a bust.  The 'Broadway' rose in the center is doing well and should make an interesting focal point to this bed.
Above, a close up of 'Galactic', 'Lingue de Canarino' and 'Ruby' lettuce.  The 'Lingue de Canarino' are looking awesome, these are actually to attractive to pick!

The longer I garden, the less I think I know.  I've been having problem with things I've been growing for years.  Three varieties of cosmos started the same way I have for years are a leggy mess, despite being less than a 1/4" from the lights.  Carrots, beets, arugula and spinach are a major disappointment.  Nothing has changed with their culture.

On the bright side, last fall I never got around to lifting the seed grown dahlias.  I noticed loads of sprouts from one of them.  I need to keep my eye on this one.  It survived a very cold winter with no protection!

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