Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Dry Weekend- Finally

The first dry weekend in recent memory!  I wish I could say that I got a lot done outside, but the soil is still too wet for the projects I have planned.  I had wanted to get the area in front of the PSP emptied by now.  There are three huge bearded iris clumps and numerous dayliles.  Not to forget loads of Canada thistle, bermuda grass, crown vetch and catnip that are taking over.  The iris' are now blooming and the daylilies should be sending up scapes soon.  Looks like this will have to wait until mid-summer.  It's a good thing I'm way behind on my flower seed starting, my dwarf tomatoes and peppers are going to have to double duty in the flower beds.  I will get the PSP expanded at some point this year.

Above, an overview of the PSP.  'Immortality' bearded iris beginning to bloom in the foreground.
Above, cabbage and lettuce are starting to grow rapidly.

Above, the peas are growing fast and the lettuce is filling in.
Above, 'Lingue de Canarino' lettuce.  These make the most gorgeous rosettes.
Above, a new to me lettuce for this year 'Flashy Green Butter Oak' with 'Ruby' trying to sneak in the picture.
Above, one of my pride and joy's.  This is a dappled willow that was an 8" plant when I planted it in the fall of 2005.  I believe it was from the Proven Winner line and it came in 4" pot and was about $3.00.  It retains the white tipped pink coloration for well over a month.
Above, a close up of the new growth on the dappled willow.

Above, a close up of 'Lollo di Vino' lettuce which edges on of the beds.

Now that I have become more observant of the coloration of the spring vegetables I have some good ideas for fall or next years combinations.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


  1. Everything is coming along and looking good. What variety of snow peas are you growing?

  2. I just love the colors and textures of your garden. My, your peas are growing fast!

  3. Kris- The snow peas are 'Blizzard'. The original seed came from Fedco, this year all of my seed was from them was home saved.

    Annie's Granny- Thanks! I'm really learning a lot about color and texture this year. I think my peas grew over 6" this week. At least the cool rainy weather is good for something.

  4. Snow peas are the best, I swear it seems like the pods grow faster than you can pick them some times. My Oregon Sugar Pod II's have just started flowering, I hope they are worth the hype. I have been harvesting my melting sugar for a few weeks now. It is exciting building a little stock pile of them in the freezer.