Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today in the Garden- April 21, 2012

To enlarge the pictures, right click over the image, select open in new tab, click on the new tab in your tool bar right over the window and click on the image.  This will bring them to their full size.

Today was the day.  The first harvest from the garden.
Before the harvest, I did do some more planting.  Escarole and more lettuce went into the Potager, and lettuce and escarole went into the ornamental/edible bed.  I also put in a few sweet peas against the fence.

The spinach patch before harvest.

Lettuce, snow peas, Thai greens and arugula before the harvest.

'Bronze Beauty' lettuce before the harvest.

The left bed in the Potager.  The Swiss chard and lettuce are starting to grow rapidly.

The ornamental edible bed is slowly taking shape.  There were 4 'Full Heart Batavian' escarole and 'Wild Garden Mixed' lettuce added.

Hopefully this bed will start to fill in soon.

My pride and joys.

The white tree peony, it scents the entire front yard.

The dappled willow at it's best.

Two hosta's I grew from seed.  I love the golden foliage of the one on the left, and the right is a "streaked" hybrid with uneven streaking that shows up later in the year.
Elsewhere in the yard.
'Immortality' tall bearded iris.

Wood phlox that over wintered in it's container.

A self seeded columbine that has been hopping around the garden for years.


  1. Ed your garden veggies are doing so good. I love your tree peony. It is so lovely. So is the Immortality iris. Is it one that reblooms? Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Lona, thanks! The tree peony is something I anxiously wait for each year. I just wish I knew the variety.

      'Immortality' is a rebloomer, it has rebloomed here a few times.

  2. Amazing pictures! and I'm trully jealous of your tree peony! It's just so stunningly beautiful, and the young greens look delish!

    1. Thanks Jenny. It has been here for about 20 years. It is five feet high and six feet across. I just wish I knew the variety!

      I'll be eating the greens tonight, can't wait.

  3. Your first photo really reminds me of my rock wall garden with the fence behind it.

  4. Hah, we're almost twins! I'm eating spinach from the garden right now! As well as radishes and *ta-da*.....half of the very first tomato of the year :-)

    The flowers are so lovely, you have a right to be proud of them.

    1. The "spinach twins" I guess, LOL! I'll have a few radishes later in the week. My first won tomatoes are getting huge. I potted them directly in 4 inch pots using that "unmentionable" soil.

  5. Congrats on your first harvest. Your spinach looks great and your bearded iris looks nice too. I used to have alot of those in my yard that were purple.

    1. Thanks Kris, this is the first time I've grown good spinach! I'm as proud of it as I am my flowers.