Saturday, April 14, 2012

How My Garden Grows

Daphne asked "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

My garden is growing, somethings are doing better than others, but this is nothing unusual.
Today, I did get a lot of planting done.  All of my cabbage, the rest of the Swiss chard and my carrots were sown.

The front section was planted today.  From left to right, two rows of cabbage interplanted with mixed lettuce, shallots, empty row, Swiss chard and the carrots are seeded to the right of the rose.  The spinach patch is the left rear area.

Close up of the cabbage and lettuce seedlings.

The spinach patch.

Notice that the growth is very uneven, I am attributing this to the use of open pollinated varieties.

'America' spinach.

Close up of 'Scarlet' spinach with it's lighter leaves and bold red stems and veins.

The rear bed from left to right, spinach patch, an enormous volunteer 'Bronze Beauty' lettuce, mixed Thai greens with snow peas behind, radish and arugula.

Mixed Thai greens, one week old and already showing an interesting mix of color.
The last bed is to the back bed.  It was planted with peas, but only the row by the fence germinated.  The front portion now has lettuce, radish and beets as well as an over wintered parsley.

This is how my Potager grows.

Tomorrow I'll show how the pool bed is progressing.


  1. You have better luck with spinach than I do, it is still one of the vegetables I have not figured out yet. I get some, but hardly enough to make a few hot spinach dips.

    1. Kris, this is the first yeat that I've done well. Normally germination is very erratic. Next year I will start it inside, but will try a hybrid green variety.

  2. The scarlet spinach is a real beauty. Some years I get patches of peas that just don't come up well. For some reason this year every single pea seems to be germinating. It is nice but I wish I knew why.

    1. Daphne, 'Scarlet' spianch also grow twice as fasr as the green varieties and has very little leaf damage. I'm just hoping that the taste is as good as the green.

      I'm blaming my pea germination issues with old seed. Even though I chitted it, the two varieties that have good germimation also had developed roots. The other varieties had just the pre-root bump.