Saturday, January 7, 2012

Second Seed Order of the Year

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

I've never ordered from them before, but they emphasize varieties that perform well in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.  Since I live in the southern part of the Mid-Atlantic, that puts me right in their targeted range.  I decided last year that I was going to start tapering off from ordering from Northern based seed companies and go for varieties are more suited to my climate.  It was a very 'Duh' moment.

The varieties I have chosen are either directly recommended for the area or bred at Even Star farms over in Eastern Maryland. 

Model: 49236    Amy's Apricot TOMATO, CHERRY 0.08 g 1 x $2.50
Model: 24110     Even' Star Land Race Collards COLLARDS 1 g 1 x $2.50
Model: 25110     Even' Star Smooth KALE 1 g 1 x $2.50
Model: 62951C  Wild Garden Lettuce Mix 7g 1 x $5.50
Model: 13603    Lazy Wife Greasy BEAN, SNAP (POLE) 14 g 1 x $2.95
Model: 62110    Thai Oakleaf 88 (Thai 88) LETTUCE, LOOSELEAF 0.5 g 1 x $2.50
Model: 61101     Broad-Leaved Batavian ENDIVE 1 g 1 x $2.25

Yes, that's seven grams of 'Wild Garden Lettuce Mix'.  .5 grams goes for $2.75, and seven grams for $5.50, I decided to get the larger pack so I can share what looks to be an awesome lettuce mix.

If this warm weather keeps up I may try planting soon...


  1. I have had great success with their seeds.

  2. I take it you're inviting the entire garden blogging community over for salad next spring, huh? LOL!

  3. Robin, good to know. I'm looking forwars to see how they do.

    Gtanny, you bet I am! Now if I can only find an acre or two to rent...