Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

Tribulations- A cause of great trouble or suffering.

Right now that about sums things up. 
Rain- the passed week we had rain every day, from light mists to torrential downpours.  This has caused great troubles in the garden.  I've seen slugs that remind me of Jabba the Hut.  My gorgeous heads of 'Lingue de Canarino' lettuce are ruined, most other lettuce has damaged outer leaves, even the cabbage has damage to the outer leaves.
The torrential rains combined with wind have snapped the supports for the peas causing them to flop all over.  The snow peas being shorter are still standing upright. 
Then there are the bearded iris.  I have two clumps of an ancient blue bi-tone that I rescued a few years ago from 20+ years in the dense shade under a lilac.  They have grown into huge clumps with amazing branching.  As soon as the torrential rains started they started to flop all over. 
Then there are all the seedlings that should have been in the ground weeks ago, but it has been too soggy.  The tomato seedlings on the deck have what looks to be early blight, the peppers are loosing their leaves and the petunias are getting very root bound.
Even with all the above, I feel very lucky.  I think of all of those who lost everything to the flooding in the mid-west and south and think that theses aren't really tribulations at all.


  1. Sorry to hear about your issues with the rain. I have the opposite problem, no rain and high heat. When it does rain, (about once every 2 weeks this spring) it is a torrential flood that wrecks everything. I had the same problem as you with my snow peas earlier this year, and I am planting a shorter variety because of that. That is the life of a gardener I guess, and we just have to work around mother nature. Good luck to you.

  2. Maybe not the tribulations suffered by those hit by earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, but any time your hard work in the garden suffers from weather or insect woes, it hurts. Your garden has always been so picture perfect, hopefully it will look that way again soon. I just replanted my pole beans. Slugs annihilated the first planting, as well as the French fillet bush beans, but luckily didn't touch the burgundy bush beans. We just had two days in the 80s, and everything seemed to just jump out of the ground. Today it's overcast and in the sixties again. The plants just don't know what to do.

  3. Kris- I'm planning a trying a shoeter snow pea next year too, I've heard good things about 'Snow Sweet' so I may give that one a try. I wish I could send some of this rain down your way.

    Granny- Picture perfect? ROFL! That's the beauty of the delete button on my camera. I hope you have better luck with your second bean planting. I'm considering starting some mine indoors.