Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture Imperfect

The title of this post was inspired by a comment from Annie's Granny.  Yesterday she stated in the comments section my garden always looks "picture perfect".  Well, it just ain't so.  If it wasn't for the delete button on my camera my secret would have been out long ago.  I think we are all guilty of only showing our best side.  Time to turn the other cheek..

Above, this is the former checker board of spinach and arugula.  They were so riddled with holes and starting to bolt- out they came.  I chopped them up and they gave a light forking to incorporate them a bit.  Next weekend, what remains will be forked under, blood meal added and the area replanted.  Haven't decided yet what to put in, I'm leaning towards tomatoes.
Above, what the paths look like before picture taking.  I've been pulling out volunteer morning glories for weeks.  I never new that they reseeeded like this!
Above, the lettuce and cabbage had their worst leaves removed and were given a shot of fertilizer.  Next week they should look a lot better.
Above, my yellowing 'Victor' tomatoes, beets and carrots you can barely see, and yes... those are daylily seedlings.  I didn't have the heart to weed them out, you never know what you may get...
Above, now you can see from the over view shot that area looks much better from a distance.  Another one of my secrets.

What was I thinking?  Sometime in 2004 or earlier I ordered a packet of 'Yellow Sugar Lump' watermelons from Baker Creek.  I was living in a rented town house and had no room for vegetables.  I have no idea why I would buy these seeds.  Flash forward to 2011 and I decided to add a few seeds to the zinnias I was pre-sprouting.  When I went to check those seeds today, three had sent out a root.  Of course, I had to pot them up.  Now where on earth am I going to have the room to grow them?  What was
I thinking?


  1. We grew watermelons last year, and they do take up way too much space. They are one of the things I would just rather buy in the store because I can't seem to grow them to taste any better than store bought ones. I like real life garden pictures, if I wanted to see flawless gardens I would buy a copy of Better Home and Gardens magazine. Good luck to you.

  2. At least you made me feel better about my garden problems! I still think yours is (almost) picture perfect.