Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Shopping- Mountain Style

I didn't even have to leave the mountain to do it.

It seems that the seed companies are finally getting into the spirit.
The first order I places was with Thompson and Morgan.  Their seeds were 25% off. With the discount they come down to a somewhat reasonable price.

The order consisted of:
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Cosimo Collarette' [1] $2.99
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click Bicolour Pink' [1] $2.99
Dianthus barbatus 'Kaleidoscope Mixed' [1] $0.97
Leek Nipper [1] $2.24
Petunia hybrida 'Sparklers' [1] $2.47
Runner Bean Tenderstar [1] $2.99
Total: $14.60

Yes, those are the sale prices.  I'm excited about the leek, it is a baby leek for harvesting at green onion size and the runner bean.  The runner bean is a cross between a runner and a regular pole bean.  It has red and white flowers wit pods that are more like a regular pole bean.

Leek "Nipper"

Runner Bean "Tenderstar"

Petunia "Sparkler Mix"

Cosmos "Double Click Bi-Color"

Sweet William "Kaleidoscope Mix"

Cosmos "Cosimo Collarette"

The 'Cosimo' cosmos is supposed to grow to 24", we'll see if that is true.

All photos are from the Thompson and Morgan website.


  1. Ooooh, pretty! I didn't order anything for the garden. I'll wait for our local Fred Meyer store to have their seeds at either buy one get one, or buy one get one half price. They have a pretty good selection, but there are a couple I'll have to order. You've got me hooked on those Velour beans!

  2. I'm glad you liked those 'Velour' beans. I know Johnny's carries them. They have another purple bean I'd like to try called 'Amethyst' as well as dwarf snow pea called 'Snow Sweet'. We should split an order.

    1. I'd be happy to split an order with you. No sense in both of us paying those shipping charges, and we can get larger amounts cheaper than two packets. They don't show Velour in their 2011 catalog, but they do in their on line catalog. We need to get together via email before ordering anything. I'm definitely going to go back to Sugar Lace snap peas. I had such good luck with them the year I grew them, and they are semi leafless for easy picking.

      If you see anything in the Ed Hume on line seed rack, I can get that order filled for us.

    2. I'll take a look after work and e-mail if there is anything. I won't be doing any ordering until most likely mid december.

  3. I love that last cosmos. I do love them, but Sensation just isn't doing it for me here. I get few plants that will flower and all that will just mildew. I need a new variety.

    1. Daphne, I waited a year to get that last cosmos. I'm really hoping that it is short. The 'Sweet 16' that I grew this year were that color and from, bloomed like crazy, but topped out at over 5'.