Saturday, June 9, 2012

This and That

Aside from the battle of the bugs everything seems to be doing good.
These are just some random shots around the garden.

'Grandpa Ott' morning glory has been blooming for two weeks.

'Grandpa Ott' the vines are now 4 feet long and heading for the upper deck.

A violet alyssum volunteer popped up among the 'Carpet of Snow' volunteers.  This is first time I've had 'Carpet of Snow' change color.

Showing the two colors.

Pool bed #2 and the gardens around the concrete pad in the background.

The entrance to pad.  Potager is on the right,

Daylily seedling showing the branching that I'm looking for in my hybridizing.  This seedling went from one fan to seven this spring.  It has 4 way branching.  #1 is the terminal Y.  #2 and #3 are the side branches.  Hopefully it will bloom tomorrow.  The bud count looks to be aver 20.  This is it's first scape ever.
The daylily seedling has me very excited.  This is my second seedling with great branching.  The flower looks like it will be rather plain, but that can easily be remedied with the appropriate crosses.  The vigor, branching and bud count are what I'm striving for.

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  1. Grandpa Ott is beautiful! Mine are only about 3" high so far. Something ate the seedlings, so I had to replant. I've had violet alyssum volunteer as white, but never the reverse. I love the entrance to your potager, and congrats on the daylily successes.

    1. Once your 'Granpa Ott' get established they will take off. I've never had them bloom this early, it must be the wacky weather.

      I'll be saving seed from the alyssum to see if the strain will come true.

      The garden around the pad had been evolving for years. It is finally looking they way I first envisioned it.

      Now if I could only get my bush beans to sprout!

    2. I planted the violet alyssum out by the lilac tree this spring, and it's blooming now. The Carpet of Snow is volunteering for the second year now, it's so nice to have all those seedlings to move wherever they are needed. My bush beans are all blossoming. They have been completely happy with this cold weather, and unbothered by insects, unlike my poor pole beans. It seems everything next to the wood fence got eaten this year.

    3. This year I'm trying a peach alyssum as well as pink. The peach is much dwarfer, I just hope it spreads well.

      I have volunteer 'Carpet of Snow' everywhere this year. They are spreading around the yeard as fast as the 'Woodside' columbines.

  2. Pool bed number two and entrance to pad pictures are simply awesome. Very nice landscaping.

    1. Thanks Kris! I am really liking that view this year. It's what I see from the kitchen window. The dappled willow has filled out enough to be a major focal point and anchor the view.