Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today in the Garden- May 6, 2012

There wasn't much sun this weekend, but the temps were in the low 70's with a constant breeze. 

The Potager is starting to take off!  Cabbage, Asian Greens, lettuce escarole and Swiss chard seem to get bigger everytime I look at them.  The carrots even decided to grow a little.

Top half of the front bed.

Shallots, escarole, Swiss chard and daylily seedlings.

Lettuce from 'Wild Garden Mixed'

'Full Heart Batavian' escarole.
'Golden' and 'Lipstick' Swiss chard.
The carrots are getting their first leaves.

'Pixie' mini cabbage.

The back bed filled with greens and peas.

The spinach patch.

Mixed Asian greens.

The back bed, peas, lettuce and beets.

More lettuce was planted, this 'Ruby' and 'Gentilina' lettuce will help hide the ripening tulip foliage.

The bearded iris continue to delight the eye.

A clump of an ancient iris that I rescued from underneath a lilac the first year I moved here.

'Amethyst Flame' this was one of the first Iris I bought in the early 70's.  I'll always have a soft spot for it.  It won the Dykes Medal, irisdom's highest honor the year I was born, 1963.

'Amehtyst Flame' close up.

'Gnu's Flash' a very unusual boken color iris.  You may recognize it from my avatar.

The dappled willow in all it's glory.  With the burning bush gone, this is the view from my kitchen window.


  1. The irises are very pretty. I love them but one of my townhouse mates has vetoed bearded irises (though she loves any other kind). So none for me.

  2. Thanks Daphne. I like other types as well, but there is nothing like the bearded for sheer drama. If had an acre or two I'd be in trouble, LOL!

  3. Everything in the potager is looking marvelous, and the iris are gorgeous! We got a warm day today, so I'm expecting the garden to respond...hopefully!

    1. Thanks! I finally figured out that I've had 'Amethyst Flame' for 35 years, and it still looks great. I've been thinking all weekend that iris would look gorgeous in front of the dappled willow. It would make an awesome background.

      The potager is shaping up nicely. Now that the temps are warmer it's growing great.

  4. Hi! Everything looks lovely! Your Iris is pretty. Too bad they don't last all summer! I love the lavender and white one! Nancy from Cozy Thyme Cottage

    1. Thanks Nancy! I've actually had a few them rebloom over the years. They look more spectacular in the spring, but still are appreciated.

  5. Everything looks good Ed. That spinach is looking really nice, mine is starting to bolt to seed.

    1. Thanks Kris. I harvested about a pound of spinach today, some of the leaves were the size of my hand. The red stemmed spinach is bloting, but the green still looks great.

  6. Hi Ed. Your veggie garden is looking so good. So are the lily seedling. I love that Amethyst Flame iris. What a lovely color. Have a nice week.

    1. Thanks Lona! I would stack 'Amethyst Flame' up against a lot of the newer varities. This is one iris that still has "it"!