Sunday, March 25, 2012

Run Between the Raindrops...

Finally, a typical spring day here.  Overcast, light rain off and on, temps in the fifties.
I went out between the showers and got a few more pictures and even got a few more seeds in the ground.  I chitted some old beet seed on Thursday and when I checked them today they had mostly started to send out roots.  I planted a row of mixed 'Detroit Dark Red' and 'Golden Detroit' and half of row of 'Albino Verduro Improved'.

The spinach has settled in and appears to be starting to grow.  The 'Scarlet' spinach is growing like gang busters.

Spinach patch one week after planting.

'Scarlet' spinach.
More peas are sprouting, and the 'Blizzard' snow peas are really taking off.  Can you believe that these were sown last Saturday?

'Blizzard' snow peas.
The arugula is doing nicely.

Arugula and 'Giant Nobel' spinach.

These are volunteer tomatoes.  They are springing up like grass everywhere.

Volunteer tomatoes.

Elsewhere in the garden, I found the first of the 'Grandpa Ott' morning glories have sprouted.

The volunteer bleeding heart are blooming.

My variegated honesty is also starting to bloom.  I have two strains- white and purple.  I love the frosted look of the leaves.

Indoors I began to pre-sprout my peppers and tomatoes.

Now I need to figure out what is eating my radish sprouts...


  1. Your chitted spinach is growing faster than my transplants. I'm about to rip out the tiny onions (the ones I started from seeds, not the sweet onion plants) that are doing absolutely nothing, and replace that section with chitted spinach seeds! Dang, new ideas have me moving and changing things already :-(

    1. Granny, the spinach are my pre-sprouted, tranplanted seedlings. The peas were chitted. I think my transplnts are doing so well because they have had over five days of rain this week. Is your spinach a hybrid? I'm shocked ar how much better the hybrid 'Scarlet' is doing than three open pollinated varieties. Thanks for remindeing me I have to get my way to many shallots seedlings in the ground.

    2. Yes, it's a hybrid...Space. It was started in a potting mix I'd not tried before (I need to try in MG!). I had about the same luck with chitted vs non-chitted seeds. I was thinking of sprouting another batch and planting them out, but I have other plans right now so probably won't find the time! Another project beginning Monday. I have a great-grandchild having a birthday party today....two year old boys don't understand the importance of gardening over parties, even when the sun is shining and it's warm outside LOL!

  2. I usually chit when the ground is really cold in spring. It gives them a jump. I just didn't bother to this time. I figured the ground was so warm they would come up anyway.

    1. Daphne, cold soil is not my issue. I'm trying to avoid having the seeeds rot since we always get so much rain ar this time of year. I'm sold on chitting peas tough!