Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plant Your Peas by St. Patrick's Day

Which is exactly what I did.
The peas were soaked Wednesday night, put into plastic bags wrapped in a damp coffee filter, and the placed in a cool place.  All had a few with tiny root starting except 'Blizzard'.  Every seed from 'Blizzard' had a 1/4" long root.  Six varieties were planted today.  Three shelling- 'Pretty', 'Freezonian' and 'Garden Sweet', two snap- 'Sugar Star' and 'Sugar Anne' and one snow- 'Blizzard'. 
They were planted in the back bed, three wide rows.  In between the rows I put in a few radish seeds.  There were four varieties- gold skinned 'Zlata', red fleshed 'Watermelon', 'Long Scarlet' and 'White Icicle'.

Not much to look at, yet...

The spinach seedlings were planted in their own 3' x 3' bed.  The back row is  'Garden Sweet' pea seedlings.  I potted up the sprouted seeds from the germination test as the seed is 6 years old.

The spinach patch.

Close up of 'Scarlet' the red stemmed, red veined spinach.

The left bed still needs to be worked on.  Tomorrow I will be moving the hollyhock and daylily seedlings and bearded Iris I crammed in last summer.

The left bed will be tomorrows project.

Around the rest of the garden:
One of my favorite features, a 20 ft long by 1 ft wide ribbon of 'Tete a Tete' daffodils.

Hyacinth's that line my front walk. 

A few of the "pink" daffodils.

The petite 'Katie Heath'

Unknown from a pink mix.

The temps today were in the upper 70's again, not much wind.  Tomorrow us supposed to be a bit cooler.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I hope one day to have this beutiful display around my garden as well. And I also planted some peas and potatoes too! Hope to see some greens soon :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! It did not take me that long to get such a good display. The daffodils were 80 bulbs, planted single file in 2007. The hyacinths were about 18 bulbs, again single file planted in 2008.

      There's nothing like fresh peas, they are almost completely different from store bought. Some day I'll try planting potatoes, but I'd need a lot more room.

  2. Your spinach looks like my beets, and your flowers are breathtakingly usual!

    1. Thanks Granny! The 'Scarlet' spinach seems to grow much faster than the others. Then again, my beets look like your spinach.

      Honestly, those flowers grow themselves, all I do is dead head.

  3. Very nice looking flowers Ed! The colors are perfect and make me think of Easter!

    1. Thanks Kris. I never thought of it, but they do have those Easter colors. Of course they always bloom before easter!

  4. Patriots Day (the third Monday of April) represents pea planting time here in Maine. I think I will be able to plant peas early this year.

    My goal is to work on my neglected flower gardens this year, Your display of daffodils and hyacinths are beautiful. I hope to remember to plant some bulbs in the fall.

    1. GrafixMuse, thanks! I wish I remember where I heard that about pea planting. I just love these little nuggets of old wisdom.

      This fall I'm going to plant a few more daffodl borders. I figure that I can steal some bulbs from the driveway border, there must be hundreds now!