Monday, August 1, 2011

Harvest Monday

A large plate of 'Victor' tomatoes with the first 'Black Cherry' and the first 'New Big Dwarf'.  When these were brought in one of my cousins asked who was going to be eating all these tomatoes.  I just smiled, he'll find out how many ways they can be used aside from topping a salad.

This eggplant weighs well over 1 lb.
The peppers are getting larger too.
More black tomatoes, 'Black Sea Man' and 'Black Cherry'. Unfortunately this is not a good year for 'Black Sea Man'.  Two were planted and one promptly died.  Now the remaining plant is dying and I have no idea why.  It is not alone, I'm losing the 'Burpee Table Talk' that are planted next to it.  The leaves and stems are clean from any sort of spots or blight, they are just yellowing and drying up.

I'll still have more than enough tomatoes since the others are fruiting like mad.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Boy those Black Cherry tomatoes are just wonderful!! This is my first year growing them and we just love them.

    Beautiful eggplant, my Rosa Biancas are doing well...but the other varieties are really small. I guess it's due to the weather.

    Hard to tell what's going on with your tomato plants. It's probably due to the unusual weather this year. Happy to hear that your other plants are keeping you well stocked with tomatoes!

  2. Robin- Black Cherry's are my favorite cherry tomato. I goofed this year and trained them to poles instead of caging them- the plants are producing about 1/4 of their potential.

    I'm beginning to think that it is the heat and lack of rain that is killing the caged tomatoes. The bush tomatoes are falling over form the weight of the fruit. They really need very small cages as they are amost impossible to stake!

  3. I regret not planting Black Cherry this year. It was one of my favorites, but not terribly prolific last year. I had it trained up a pole, so maybe that was the problem. Next year I'll give it a better spot in the garden.

    I lost one of the two Coastal Pride Orange tomato plants today. It was right next to the one that is doing well, and it had no sign of disease. It just continued to wilt until it was dead. I think the poor thing got too much water where it was situated in front of the other one, and I made it worse by giving it extra water when it started wilting!

  4. I have some tomato plants doing the same exact thing. Depressing!

  5. Great looking harvests. Looks like your getting plenty of tomatoes to me. Keep up the good work friend.

  6. Granny- I know that my problem is not too much water. It's just one of those things. They are right next to a Ramapo OP plant that is growing like mad and loaded with large fruit.

    You should try Black Cherry in a cage next year.

    Shawn Ann- It is depressing as Black Sea Man is my favorite large tomato.

    Kris- Thanks. That eggplant makes it all worth it.

  7. Wow what a pretty eggplant.

    Is the tomato foliage or stem bronze or rusty? It could be the rust mite. They like hot weather.

    I love Black Cherry too. I tried Chocolate Cherry last summer and it wasn't as good.