Monday, July 18, 2011

This Weeks Harvest

This week there was only a small harvest, but that should be changing very soon.
Above, the first peppers of the season, and just in time to be added to a tomato sauce with lot's of fresh basil.
Above, the 'Victor' tomatoes are really starting to roll in.  They are about 3 ozs each and the ones I've tried are very meaty and have a mild taste.  I'm still trying to figure out at what stage they are their peak of flavor.

I'm not sure if it's the heat or the constant watering, but the I'm getting a lot of fruit set on the eggplants.  The first one is sizing up nicely and all the other plants now have tiny eggplants forming.

The savoy cabbage was a bust.  The plants got way to big and stunted the green and the red cabbage,  The slugs considered it a great delicacy and the plants looked horrible.  They were removed last week and replaced with filet beans.  I'm hoping the other cabbage can recover.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. I was hoping your 'Victor" was a fantastic tasting tomato. I also had high hopes for my "Bloody Butcher", but it is proving to be quite bland, too. So far "Clear Pink Early' is winning in the taste department for the early tomatoes.

    I'm so jealous over your peppers! I'm finally getting a few blossoms, so there is hope for green peppers at least.

  2. Granny- I'm not a good judge of taste for red tomatoes, I've never really developed a taste for them. Now Black tomatoes on the other hand are another story.

    As for the peppers, it's only taken me three years to finally get a good harvest.

  3. look at all those tomatoes! what a wonderful harvest you have this early!

  4. My eggplants are being finicky. They set one eggplant each (except one) and have let all their other blossoms drop. I think I'll have to pick one before it will set another.