Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Days Later

Last week I was lamenting how behind things were in growth compared to last year.  I guess my plants can read.  In only five days the growth has been astounding.  Scroll down to last weeks post and compare the pictures,  Those pics were taken on Wednesday, these were all taken Sunday.

Above, the tomatoes are getting huge and 'Ramapo OP', 'Black Sea Man' and 'Burpee Table Talk' are loaded with buds.  The arugula is a solid carpet and I've already begun harvesting it.
Above, a close up of 'Merlin Blue Morn', my favorite hybrid petunia.
Above, an overview of the PSP, which is now starting to look like the Postage Stamp Jungle.

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  1. Same here, Ed! I measured some of my tomato plants, and they're growing over an inch a day. We're finally in the 50s at night and low 80s for daytime temps, perfect weather for growing jungles.