Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sun's Evil Grin

The Sun's smile has turned into an evil grin.  Yesterday the temp's climbed into the high 90's and decided to stay.  Add to that blazing sun, with no clouds and you get a mix that is NOT fun.  Despite the extreme heat, the PSP actually looks good!
Above, 'Blizzard' snow peas are almost ready to be picked.
Above, the first tomatoes of the season are forming, the variety is 'Victor'.
Above, 'Gonzales' cabbages are starting to head.
Above, 'Samantha' Cabbages are starting to form heads.  This was advertised as a compact variety, but the plants are double the size of 'Gonzales',
Above, the first bloom on a 'Snow Queen' petunia.

On Sunday I began planting the driveway bed.  Last year the peppers I put in did so well I decided to try a few other vegetables there.  I put in one each of bush tomatoes- 'Golden Dwarf Champion', 'New Big Dwarf' and 'Rosalinda'. Peppers- 2 'Kaleidoscope Mixed' and 2 'Northstar' as well as 4 'Rotundo Bianca Sfumata di rosa' egg plant.  The only flowers put in at this point were 2 each of 'White Seashells' and 'Psyche White Picotee' cosmos.  In a week or two when the foliage from the 'Tete a Tete' ribbon dies I'll edge the bed with more flowers.  I practically melted while putting these in, each one planted with a drop, actually several, of sweat.

I also began to plant the pots around the pool.  It was too hot to put in some of the seedlings, so this will be continued over the weekend.


  1. Have you grown the Gonzales cabbages before? I tried them last year and really liked them. They are just right for one or two people, I have trouble at times with the larger cabbages, not being able to use them up right away.

    My tomatoes are growing well, but my peppers are just languishing. I don't think they've grown at all, while the tomatoes have doubled in size.

  2. Granny- I grew 'Gonzales' last year and loved them. One head was enough for one meal and there was no extra or waste. I wanted to try a savoy cabbage so we'll see how 'Samantha' turns out. My red cabbage are way behind these two.

    My early started peppers were held to long waiting for the rain to stop so they could be planted. The later started peppers are at a much better size. I'll know in a week or so if they are going to take off like the tomatoes.

  3. Your snow peas look good. The sun in my parts has moved passed an evil grin to a full on diabolical laugh.