Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garden Planning

For the passed week or so I've been agonizing over my planting layout for the kitchen garden. After all, how do you squeeze in almost every vegetable variety into an area the size of a postage stamp? It ain't easy! Recently while going through a box of books that had been stashed in the attic, I came upon a book I bought several years ago, "In the French Kitchen Garden" by Georgeanne Brennan. Her potager plan for beginners just happens to be the size of the current kitchen garden- 9 ft x 12 ft, the exact size of the current plot. Of course I began to sketch plans for a basic potager. Next, I stumbled across a few pictures of Rosemary Verey's potager. It was love at first when I first glimpsed RV's potager about fifteen years ago, and vowed that someday I would plant a potager.
The main point I got out of Georgeanne's book was that I shouldn't be planning on massive harvests, but small harvests based on the season and succession planting. From RV's plans came an appreciation for an attractive layout and composition.
Now I'm frantically trying to shore up my plans. I need to have the layout finished by this weekend and begin my seed sowing. I do think that the Postage Stamp Potager is the way to go!
I'll see if I can upload the plan, if I ever finish it...


  1. I fuss and plan and fuss and plan, then never stick to the plans over which I've fussed! I do so want a potager, but dogs and grass loving husband have held me to a more traditional intensive/kitchen garden. I was really planning on veering off that path this year, but lack of time and lack of help have managed to change my plans yet again. Maybe next year. Good luck with yours.

  2. Annie's Granny,

    I spent the entire evening fussing and planning. Came up with a great plan that I was very happy with, and then realized I forgot the lettuce! Oh well, back to the drawing board...

    BTW- Your garden is one of my inspirations as well.