Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Lettuce

At long last the lettuce was finally big enough to plant outside. The weather has been cool, overcast and rainy. Perfect for setting out the seedlings.

Above, 'Heirloom Mixed' from Renee's Garden Seed.

Above, 'Bronze Beauty' and 'Buttercrunch'.
Pictures of them planted out will follow.
A note about 'Bronze Beauty'. This is the same lettuce that everyone sells as 'Bronze Arrowhead'. Can someone tell me why? It was introduced in 1947 as 'Bronze Beauty', it won a bronze medal in the All-America Selections as 'Bronze Beauty', it was featured in the catalogs as 'Bronze Beauty' (and I have the old catalogs to prove it!). Sorry folks, this is one of my pet peeves. If we know the correct name, why change it? Until some one can tell me other wise it will be called 'Bronze Beauty'.

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