Monday, June 21, 2010

Under the Weather

Last week I was sidelined by a nasty sinus infection. That combines with the horrible heat and humidity kept me indoors for most of the week. June has been like August when it comes the weather, I'm afraid to think of what August will bring.

Above, last weeks harvest. A 'Golden Grex' beet, 'Gonzales' cabbage, 'White Satin' and 'Scarlet Nantes' carrots. They all went into a stir fry, yum!

Brand new bed.
An enormous clump of tradescantia was removed, it was just to big and floppy, and was affecting the lilies to the right. Now there are 'Dahlia Flowered Mixed' and 'Burpeeana Mixed' zinnias and a leftover tomato, 'New Big Dwarf'.

Bean blossoms! These are 'Greencrop' bush beans.

'Sequoia' bush beans.

One of my favorite daylilies, 'Tuscawilla Blackout'.

One of my seedlings, a cross of 'Wild One' x 'Unique Display'.
An interesting bi-tone, and the closest color to what I envisioned when I made the cross.

In case you didn't know, you can click on any photo to enlarge it. Try it on the daylilies, they look much better enlarged.

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